7th International Workshop on Internet Charging and QoS Technologies

posted 26 Oct 2011, 00:43 by Patrick Poullie
The 7th International Workshop on Internet Charging and QoS Technologies (ICQT 2011) was held in Paris, France on October 24, 2011. It was organized by the two TPC co-chairs Patrick Maillé and Johanne Cohen, which was complemented by the Steering Committee consisting out of of Peter Reichl, Burkhard Stiller, and Bruno Tuffin.

The ICTQ 2011 was able to invite Andrew Odlyzko, University of Minnesota, U.S.A., to deliver the key note on “Economics, QoS, and Charging in the Next Great Telecom Revolution”, which addressed the socio-economics of communications, combining a wireless and wireline approach to compare facts, trends, and challenges faced. Furthermore, Andrew mentioned in his talk the tussle analysis, which was later discussed in an of-line discussion as a viable and accepted methodology (e.g., by business schools) to determine inter-relationships between multiple stakeholders in the communications sector. Thus, SESERV had been introduced to Andrew and a personal interview was performed, which revealed that the strength of the tussle analysis is defined by a model-based set of assumptions. As those may be varied the outcomes and spill-overs may vary, too. However, they can be investigated by, e.g., Game Theory, and will lead to quantifiable descriptions of an interplay and its benefits or drawbacks.

The program of ICQT is accessible at http://userver.ftw.at/ICQT/ and proceedings appeared in the Springer Series LNCS http://www.springeronline.com/978-3-642-24546-6 and are available on-line at http://www.springerlink.com/content/978-3-642-24546-6/.