ITU-T SG13 Q16 Rapporteur Meeting

posted 4 Jul 2013, 02:27 by Patrick Poullie
On June 18 and 21, 2013, members of the UZH delegation (coordinator of SmartenIT and formerly SESERV) attended the ITU-T SG13 Rapporteur meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, to contribute to the development of ITU recommendation Y.FNsocioeconomic, which is aimed at “Economic Incentives of Future Networks”. The development of this document stems from efforts of the SESERV project, which initiated the development of the document within ITU-T’s Q21/13 in 2011. The document that is now development within ITU-T’s Q16/13 addresses “Environmental and socio-economic sustainability in future networks and early realization of FN”.

In the ITU-T SG13 study group meeting in February it was decided to add a section to Y.FNsocioeconomic that explains to ITU members how to best integrate the socio-economic analysis (by the means of tussle analysis) proposed within Y.FNsocioeconomic in the standardization of Future Networks. A main output of the current meeting was to generalize this section to explain how the proposed socio-economic analysis can be deployed  by standardization bodies in general.

The section on “service universalization” which was added in the February meeting to Y.FNsocioeconomic, in order to better comply with ITU recommendation Y.3001 was moved to a separate document during the current meeting, to clearly focus Y.FNsocioeconomic on economic incentives. The now-removed section on service universalization was added to Y.FNsocioeconomic in February, since Y.FNsocioeconomic was started to develop a methodology to better achieve the objective of “social and economic awareness”, which, as pointed out in February, implies, according to Y.3001, not only the design goal of "economic incentives" but also the design goal of “service universalization”. Besides this removal also informative content was removed or moved to the appendix.

The next editorial iteration for Y.FNsocioecomic will happen during SG13 Rapporteur meeting in November 4-15, 2013. The UZH delegation will provide contributions to this iteration that are to be developed in the framework of SmartenIT´s socio-economic research facet and evaluates potential to channel technical SmartenIT research to ITU-T recommendations as well.