ITU-T Study Group 3 Meeting

posted 18 Jan 2012, 07:43 by Patrick Poullie   [ updated 18 Jan 2012, 07:45 ]
On January 17, 2012, members of the Swiss delegation, being at the same time from the SESERV project, Martin Waldburger and Patrick Poullie attended the ITU-T Study Group 3 meeting in Geneva to observe and support reactions to Study Group 13’s liaisons statement. In reaction to a SESERV-driven contribution to the SG13 meeting in October 2011, SG13 had opened a new work item called Y.FNsocioeconomic. Y.FNsocioeconomic is a recommendation to develop a methodology to analyse social and economic requirements for networks, and make them technical requirements for Future Networks. The liaisons statement informs SG3 about Y.FNsocioeconomic and requests SG3, which is focused on economics, for qualified comments and feedback on economic questions that arise in the context of it.

Even without interaction of the Swiss delegation members present or a deadline of Y.FNsocioeconomic being mentioned in the liaisons statement, SG3 agreed to work on a response draft to be sent to SG13, in particular, the US Administration and vice-chairman (Abossé Akue-Kpakpo, Togo) volunteered to work on this matter.

SG3’s reaction to the liaisons statement is seen as an indicator for SESERV’s success in bringing together technically oriented (SG13) and economically oriented (SG3) Internet experts. Furthermore, SG3’s reaction is another important step to bring methodology developed by SESERV into practical standardization and application.