Workshop "Media - A Driver for Future Internet Usage"

posted 21 Apr 2012, 12:20 by Michael Boniface
FI-CONTENT and EXPERIMEDIAprojects are co-organising a workshop "Media - A Driver for Future Internet Usage" during Future Internet Week in Aalborg - Denmark.  Wednesday 9 May 9.00-12.30.

Short summary of the workshop: More than 50% (growing) of Internet traffic is now represented by video and audio content. Media applications and services are key drivers for Future Internet infrastructures capabilities. Through this workshop, we propose to build on early results achieved by the FI-CONTENT and EXPERIMEDIA projects. Several potential testbeds will be presented opening the conversation: how testbeds can support pilots, with special consideration to challenges such as user partisipation and architecture/integration approaches allowing the introduction of innovative technologies (generic and specific enablers).

Registration is now open on the FIA website. Please note that the charge for attendance of the Workshop is included in the Future Internet Week registration charge.

More information visit EXPERIMEDIA