Economic and Social Impact of Software & Software-Based Services Report

posted 12 Apr 2011, 02:06 by Michael Boniface   [ updated 21 Apr 2011, 08:14 by Michael Boniface ]
The EC Software and Services Architectures and Infrastructures unit funded a study to identify the potential economic and social impact of software and services within the future Internet; the elements that are determinant  for growth and competitiveness; and the actions that need to be taken to implement them. The study provides a substantial result, directly implementable through policy actions, after considering the state of the software and services sectors throughout the EU.

The study reached a number of important conclusions for the commission as Europe developes a new digital market described in the Digital Agenda for Europe:

1. Empower the People by supporting the sophistication of users and entrepreneurs through skills and knowledge. This will create a society which is ready to take up innovation and exploit it successfully and increase the size of the market and its dynamism.

2. Coach the Team by increasing the R&D activities in relevant fields as well as by supporting the knowledge transfer and diffusion. This will help to improve the innovation capability of European software businesses.

3. Encourage the Players by stimulating entrepreneurial activities and support of the financial capital development in order to provide stimuli to the software market and thereby the software industry.

4. Create a Single Playing Field by creating legitimacy for new services and removing obstacles to the Digital Single Market. These actions are likely to lead to significant increases in intra-EU trade and the development of innovative solutions.

5. Level the Playing Field by regulatory measures aimed at increasing competition as well as at the necessary technology basis. This should make the European software market more attractive and innovative in order to become world leading market.

6. Organize the Game in order to provide intelligence and advices for further market development and policy making. This will help to coordinate all actions taken. Set up monitoring and coordination system involving all relevant actors.

The full report is available here