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DateEventLocationDescriptionImportant DeadlinesFISE Outcomes
DateEventLocationDescriptionImportant DeadlinesFISE Outcomes
2011/12/20 FInES Cluster meeting  Brussels, Belgium Cluster meeting for the Future Internet Enterprise Systems More soon in the next FISE newsletter / 
2011/11/2-4 GENI Engineering Conference GEC12 Kansas City, USA The Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI) is open and broadly inclusive to catalyze groundbreaking discoveries and innovation in emerging global technological and social networks   
2011/10/28 KuVS ELG Meeting Mannheim, Germany The KuVS expert group was founded and ever since supported by GI and ITG to investigate questions regarding communication and distributed systems   
2011/10/27 FISE-WG Workshop: How Disruptive Technologies Influence the FI Business Ecosystem Future Internet Week, Poznan The purpose of this workshop will be to share analysis, discuss and debate how disruptive technologies will influence the Future Internet business ecosystem. The expected outcome would be a shared understanding of FI business ecosystem, the stakeholders and a comparison of approaches used to understand both baseline and future scenarios 12 Aug 2011 Call for presentations announced; 23 Sep 2011 Deadline for 1 page abstracts; 30 Sept 2011 Notification of accepted presentations   
2011/10/24-28 FISE-WG FIA Session "Value creation, value flows and liability over virtual resources”.  Poznan, Poland Discussion and debate on emerging values within the FI Business Ecosystem with the increasing reliance on virtualised networks, services and things   
2011/10/10-21 ITU-T NGN-GSI Event Geneva, Switzerland ITU-T NGN-GSI (Next Generation Networks Global Standards Initiative) Event: Co-located Meetings of Study Groups 11 and 13   
2011/10/06-07 Future Networks 8th FP7 Concertation Meeting  Brussels, Belgium FP7 Obj1.1 Collaboration for exchange of results and achievements, and build consensus Done  
2011/10/06 IEEE CS TCCC Execom Meeting Bonn, Germany The Technical Committee on Computer Communications (TCCC) of the IEEE Computer Society ran its annual Executive Committee meeting in collocation with the 36th Annual IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN), its flagship conference   
2011/09/28-29 Internet of Services Concertation Brussels, Belgium Collaboration between Objective 1.2 projects including SESERV participation in Trust and Security WG/Techno-socio economics WG Done  
2011/09/27-29 NEM-Networked Media Summit 2011  Torino, Italy NEM Initiative, the Networked and Electronic Media Technology Platform, is organising the fourth edition of its main annual conference  Done No attendance or specific outcome for FISE 
2011/09/27 1st ULOOP Industrial Workshop Berlin, Germany The first ULOOP industrial workshop is an event focused on igniting the debate concerning the impact of user-centric wireless networks both from a regulation and from an economic perspective.  Done  
2011/09/23 FIArch Workshop Brussels, Belgium The main objective is to define a common set of architectural design principles and a reference architecture of the Future Internet that can guide and unify key technology developments in the future   
2011/09/20 New ICTs + New Media = New Democracy? Communications policy and public life in the age of broadband Washington, DC, USA An “experts’ workshop” organized by New America Foundation (Washington, DC) and the Institute for Information Policy of The Pennsylvania State University  Networks for Citizen Consultation and Citizen Sourcing of Expertise: Exploring Innovations in the Public Sector 
2011/09/07-09 Paradiso Conference 2011 Brussels, Belgium Internet and societies – New innovation paths Done The Future of Internet and Societies 
2011/07/04-05 Effectsplus 2nd Cluster Meeting VU University , Amsterdam 2nd meeting to discuss research challenges for FP8 in trust and security Done Meeting Report 
2011/06/28 SESERV Workshop: Building the Future Internet: The Social Nature of Technical Choices University of Oxford, U.K. Workshop and seminar entitled "Building the Future Internet: The Social Nature of Technical Choices". Done Videos and Reports 
2011/06/28 SESERV Debate: Will the Design of the Future Internet Be Driven by Technology or Societal Concerns? University of Oxford, U.K. Public debate on "Will the Design of the Future Internet Be Driven by Technology or Societal Concerns?" Done The Debate Podcast 
2011/06/16-17 The 1st Digital Agenda Assembly Brussels, Belgium Assess progress to date on delivery towards the Digital Agenda's goals and actions and seek ways to improve delivery; Identify challenges ahead for the implementation of the Digital Agenda and for the information society in general; Mobilise stakeholders' actions to make further progress and address challenges. Done Final Report 
2011/06/15-17 Future Network and Mobile Summit 2011 Warsaw, Poland Twentieth in a series of Annual Conferences supported by the European Commission, which regularly attracts over 600 delegates from industry and research to share experiences and research results, identify future trends and discuss business opportunities Done  
2011/06/14 Future Networks: 5th Future Internet Cluster Workshop Warsaw, Poland  Special Focus on Future Network Architectures  Done  
2011/06/13-17 5th International Conference on Autonomous Infrastructure, Management and Security (AIMS 2011) Nancy, France The AIMS conference is a single-track event integrating normal conference paper sessions, tutorials, keynotes, and a PhD student workshop into a highly interactive event. One of the goals of AIMS is to look beyond borders and to stimulate the exchange of ideas across different communities and among PhD students. Done Meeting Digest 
2011/06/01 2nd ETICS Workshop Versailles Economics and Technologies for Inter-Carrier Services Done  
2011/05/23-27 12th IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Network Management Dublin, Ireland The 12th IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Network Management features in 2011 the theme "Effective and Energy Efficient Management of Network and Services." Done Socio-economic Priorities in Network and Service Management Across Domains 
2011/05/18 FIA Budapest Session on "The Network Lost in the Cloud?" Budapest, Hungary Lack of a common view on clouds and the role of the network Done Lack of a common view on clouds and the role of the network 
2011/05/18 Keynote by Albert-Laszlo Barabasi at FIA Budapest  Budapest, Hungary Network Science: From the Internet to Human Communications Done Network Science: From the Internet to Human Communications 
2011/05/18 FIA Budapest Session on Economics of Privacy Budapest, Hungary FISE is co-organizing the Economics of Privacy session. Done The Economics of Privacy Debate 
2011/05/18 FIA Budapest Session on Information-centric Networking Budapest, Hungary Stakeholders, incentives, and choice in information-centric networking?  Done Stakeholders, incentives, and choice in information-centric networking? 
2011/05/18 FIA Budapest Session on Security and Usability Budapest, Hungary Usability challenges in security design Done Usability challenges in security design 
2011/05/16 Future Networks: 4th Future Internet Cluster Workshop Budapest 4th in a series of workshops, focus this time is ICT and sustainability Done Supermarket Style Energy Saving “Buy One Get One 50% Off” 
2011/05/09-20 ITU-T NGN-GSI Event Geneva, Switzerland NGN-GSI (Next Generation Networks Global Standards Initiative) Event: Co-located Rapporteur group Meetings (Study Groups 11 and 13) Done Contribution to Y.3001 (Future networks: Objectives and design goals) Recommendation  
2011/04/11  Brussels, Belgium  Done Moral Panics over the Internet 
2011/03/30 Effectsplus Trustworthy ICT Workshop Brussels, Belgium FP8 Research Roadmap Cluster Workshop  Done Resilient Communities and Digital Jail Presentation 
2011/03/21 8th IEEE International Workshop on Managing Ubiquitous Communications and Services (MUCS 2011) Seattle, Washington, USA Managing Ubiquitous Communications and Services Done 8th International Workshop on Managing Ubiquitous Communications and Services (MUCS 2011) 
2011/02/16 OII Expert Workshop on “Following Our Digital Footprints” Oxford, UK OII Expert Workshop on “Following Our Digital Footprints” Done Expert Workshop on “Following Our Digital Footprints” 
2011/02/15 UK Digital Economy Research Presentation Oxford, UK Horizon Digital Economy Research: Its Challenges and Objectives Done UK Digital Economy Research Presentation 
2011/02/11 Future Internet Cluster Meeting Brussels, Belgium The SESERV Coordination Action and the SmoothIT project organized a joint panel on “Economic and user perspective of Inter-ISP traffic optimization”. Done Future Internet Cluster Meeting Digest 
2011/02/10 Future Networks 7th FP7 Concertation Meeting Brussels Collaboration meeting between projects funded by Challenge 1 objective 1.1 Done Socio-economic Design Goals for Future Networks 
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