Call for Workshop Contribution: How Disruptive Technologies Influence the FI Business Ecosystem

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Call for contributions

1st FISE-WG Workshop: How Disruptive Technologies Influence the FI Business Ecosystem

27 October 2011, collocated with the Future Internet Week, Poznan, Poland


The Internet has become the backdrop for daily life. The benefits and disruptions caused by the Internet are rarely out of the headlines as society contends with the impact of technological advances and its innovative users. Connections between people, content, sensors and devices are delivering greater efficiency in economic processes, creating opportunities for new business models and value chains and supporting new forms of participation and value exchange within real and online communities. But with connections now faster and more meaningful than ever, the risks and rewards for all players have become increasingly significant. The playground of the 90's Internet has become a battleground for survival, dominance and ideology. Understanding the complexity and dynamics of the Internet ecosystem has never been more important. For researchers and engineers wanting successful and durable technologies in a Future Internet, awareness how technology disrupts a FI ecosystem is essential.

The purpose of this workshop will be to share analysis, discuss and debate how disruptive technologies will influence the FI business ecosystem. The motivation is that many FI projects are assessing the FI Business Ecosystem and the dynamics of stakeholders in relation to technological results (e.g. SESERV, SEQUOIA, UNIVERSELF, ETICS, FI-PPP, FI3P, etc). The workshop is an opportunity to explore techniques for analysing FI ecosystems, how impact is achieved and what are the emerging considering for design and experimentation. The expected outcome would be a shared understanding of FI business ecosystem, the stakeholders and a comparison of methodology used to understand both baseline and future scenarios. The outcomes will be incorporated into a joint paper for distribution to the Future Internet community.

Call for contribution and participation

The workshop will be organised into two main sessions each contributing an understanding of the FI business ecosystem. The morning session will focus on trends shaping the FI ecosystem and in the afternoon we will explore methodologies for assessing impact of technology within the ecosystem. We are therefore looking for contributions (but not limited to) the areas of:
 - Emerging value networks within the Future Internet Ecosystem
 - Views from economically important market sectors (B2B and B2C)
 - Analysis of the Future Internet in the context of the European Digital Agenda
 - Impact assessment methods for the Future Internet
 - Socio-economic architectural design and methodology

FISE community members are invited to submit talks by providing a 1 page abstract summarising their contribution. The abstracts will be reviewed by the organising committee before a decision is made on acceptance. The relevant dates are the following:

 - 12 Aug 2011 Call for presentations announced
 - 23 Sep 2011 Deadline for 1 page abstracts
 - 30 Sept 2011 Notification of accepted presentations
 - 27 Oct 2011 FISE workshop: How Disruptive Technologies Influence the FI Business Ecosystem

Please send your proposed contributions or other questions to:,,

The workshop is an open event although registration will be required due to limited places. Registration will be managed by the Future Internet Week organisers and will open the same time as for the Future Internet Assembly.

Location and date

The 1st FISE workshop will be organized as a full day event on October 27th, 2011 in Poznan, Poland, co-located with the Future Internet Week. A detailed agenda will be provided once the presentations are selected.

Confirmed Speakers

Speakers from the FISE community have confirmed their participation.

 - Jonathon Cave (RAND) - Macro economic analysis of the European Internet Industry (FI3P)
 - Paolo Dini (London School of Economics) -  Self-assessment impact analysis for Internet of Services (SEQUIOA)
 - Makis Stamatelatos (University of Athens) - Unified Business Modelling for FI ecosystems (UNIVERSELF)
 - Costas Courcoubetis (Athens University of Economics and Business) - Ensuring positive economic outcomes through Tussle Analysis (SESERV - TBC)
 - Man-Sz Li (IC Focus) - Utility services for business and service innovation (FInES Cluster)

Organising Committee

The workshop is co-organised by the SESERV (, SEQUOIA ( and UNVERSELF ( projects

 - Michael Boniface (
 - Makis Stamatelatos (
 - Simon Delaere  (
 - Vânia Gonçalves (
 -  Antonella Passani (

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