SmartenIT - EU STREP on "Socially-aware Management of New Overlay Application Traffic combined with Energy Efficiency in the Internet"

posted 5 Nov 2012, 06:56 by Patrick Poullie
The new STREP SmartenIT targets at an incentive-compatible cross-layer network management for providers of overlay-based application (e.g., cloud applications, content delivery, and social networks), network providers, and end-users to ensure a QoE-awareness, by addressing accordingly load and traffic patterns or special application requirements, and exploiting at the same time social awareness (in terms of user relations and interests). Moreover, the energy efficiency with respect to both end-user devices and underlying networking infrastructure is tackled to ensure an operationally efficient management.

Incentive-compatible network management mechanisms for improving metrics in all layers and on an inter-domain basis for ISPs and telecommunication providers, serves as the major mechanism to deal with real-life scenarios in the cloud and on-line social networks domain.

UZH coordinates this STREP and will be responsible for the tasks of "Overlay Traffic Management Solutions" as well as "External Liaisons". As such, UZH is in the perfect position to to collaborate with AUEB, being a project partner, too, to address traffic management aspects and the SESERV-established network of experts in due course.