The Future of Apps and Web

posted 28 Mar 2012, 03:17 by Eric Meyer   [ updated 28 Mar 2012, 03:22 ]
A new report from the Pew Internet Project presents the results of a survey of over a thousand Internet experts on the topic of whether the proliferation of apps threaten the web over the next ten years.

From the report:
"The Pew Internet Project and Elon University’s Imagining the Internet Center invited experts and Internet stakeholders to predict where things might be by the end of the decade. They were asked to take sides in the apps vs. Web debate by choosing among alternative visions of where things will stand in 2020. A number of survey participants who are most attuned to the nuances of this particular issue responded that the outcome will be a mix; they said apps and the Web are converging in the cloud. Some argued that the language framing the question did not frame the issue well. While most people agreed with the statement that the Web will generally be stronger than ever by 2020, many who chose that view noted that it is more their hope than their firm prediction. Some 35% disagreed that the Web would be in better shape, and a number of survey participants said the outcome will be a combination of both scenarios."

The full report is available at

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