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IoS Socio-Economic Impacts Brian Pickering Internet of Services Collaboration Meeting in Brussels 2012/10/16 View 
SESERV Results on Tussles in the Future Internet Burkhard Stiller Future Networks 10th FP7 Concertation Plenary Meeting, Brussels, Belgium 2012/10/11 View 
Networks for Citizen Consultation and Citizen Sourcing of Expertise: Exploring Innovations in the Public Sector Cristobal Cobo New America Foundation and the Institute for Information Policy of The Pennsylvania State University, US 2012/09/20 View 
The Design of a Single Funding Point Charging Architecture Christos Tsiaras EUNICE Conference on Information and Communications Technologies (EUNICE 2012), Budapest, Hungary 2012/08/31 View 
Socioeconomic Tussles Analysis of the ETICS Approach for Providing QoS-enabled Inter-domain Services Costas Kalogiros Future Network & Mobile Summit 2012, Berlin, Germany 2012/07/04-06 View 
Clouds — Challenges and Risks Burkhard Stiller Future Network & Mobile Summit 2012 (FuNeMS 2012) Workshop on "Cloud Networking – Technical and Business Challenges", Berlin, Germany 2012/07/04 View 
Socio-Economic Aware Design of Future Network Technology (Y.FNsocioeconomic) Martin Waldburger Joint ITU-T SG 13 and ISO/JTC1/SC 6 Workshop on “Future Networks Standardization”, Geneva, Switzerland 2012/06/11 View 
Cooperative Database Caching within Cloud Environments Andrei Vancea Dependable Networks and Services, 6th International Conference on Autonomous Infrastructure, Management and Security (AIMS 2012) 2012/06/06 View 
Information Flows in an Economic Aware Context Ioanna Papafili Session on Novel Networking and Relationship with Applications – The Value of Information Flows between Applications and Networks. Future Internet Assembly (FIA), Session 1.3, Aalborg, Denmark 2012/05/10 View 
Partnering for Web Archives, Preserving the Web, Enabling Research Eric T. Meyer LIBER Steering Committee for Heritage Collections and Preservation, Florence, Italy 2012/05/07-08 View 
The Internet, Science, and Transformations of Knowledge Ralph Schroeder Keynote speech at Conference for eDemocracy and Open Government, Krems, Austria 2012/05/03 View 
Socio-Economic Aware Design of Future Network Technology (Y.FNsocioeconomic) Martin Waldburger ITU Workshop on “Developments regarding telecommunication network architectures and services”, Kampala, Uganda 2012/04/02 View 
EU Research Cooperations - Future Networks and Future Internet Didier Bourse GEC13, Los Angeles, USA 2012/03/12-16 View 
The interplay of economics and technology for the Future Internet SESERV workshop - Brief report and next steps George Stamoulis, Costas Kalogiros, Didier Bourse EC D1 Concertation meeting, Brussels, Belgium 2012/02/14 View 
A Time-Shifted Video Streaming Approach “LiveShift” Fabio Hecht 7th GI/ITG KuVS Workshop on Future Internet, Munich, Germany 2012/01/27 View 
Methods to Achieve Socio-economic Design Goals and Objectives for Future Networks (Y.FNsocioeconomic) Martin Waldburger, Costas Kalogiros Telecommunication Technology Committee (TTC) Workshop 2012/01/23 View 
Future Internet Enterprise Systems Michael Boniface FInES Cluster Meeting, Brussels 2011/12/19 View 
How Disruptive Technologies Influence the FI Ecosystem Michael Boniface FISE WG Workshop, Poznan, Poland 2011/10/27 View 
Assessing Economic Outcomes Using Tussle Analysis Costas Kalogiros Poznan, Poland 2011/10/27 View 
High-speed Accounting for Virtual Resources Martin Waldburger FIA Poznan, Poland 2011/10/25 View 
Value creation, value flows and liability over virtualised resources Michael Boniface FIA Poznan, Poland 2011/10/25 View 
SESERV – Socio-economic Analysis of Networks and Services Burkhard Stiller IEEE CS TCCC Execom Meeting, Bonn, Germany 2011/10/06 View 
Update on Recent SESERV Results and Upcoming Events Costas Kalogiros 8th Concertation meeting, Brussels 2011/10/06 View 
A SESERV methodology for tussle analysis in Future Internet technologies Costas Kalogiros, Costas Courcoubetis, George D. Stamoulis Published online 2011/09/28 View 
Collective and participative experiences in real-world and online communities Michael Boniface Internet of Services Collaboration - Techno-Socio-Economics WG 2011/09/28 View 
SESERV – Socio-economic Analysis of Networks and Services Burkhard Stiller ULOOP Workshop, Berlin, Germany 2011/09/27 View 
An SLA Support System for Cloud Computing Guilherme Sperb Machado, UZH 5th International Conference on Autonomous Infrastructure, Management and Security (AIMS 2011), Nancy, France 2011/06/16 View 
Future Smart Connectivity: Considering Stakeholder Interests and Conflicts in the Design of Federated Network Architectures Costas Kalogiros, AUEB 5th Future Internet Cluster Workshop, Warsaw, Poland 2011/06/14 View 
An Open Architecture for Distributed IP Traffic Analysis (DITA) Cristian Morariu, Burkhard Stiller 12th IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Network Management (IM 2011), Dissertation Digest, IEEE, Dublin, Ireland 2011/05/24 View 
Design Principles for Future Internet Ioanna Papafili, AUEB Brussels, Belgium 2011/05/23 View 
Future Internet Support Actions: Progress on Parallel Sessions Michael Boniface, IT Innovation FIA Budapest 2011/05/19 View 
SESERV and Privacy Eric Meyer, OII SESERV statement, Economics of Privacy Session, FIA Budapest, Budapest, Hungary 2011/05/18 View (PPTX) 
Adaptability in personalised and collective media experiences Michael Boniface, IT Innovation Dynamically Adaptive FI Applications: Beyond Adaptive Services, Future Internet Assembly, Budapest, Hungary 2011/05/18 View 
SESERV: Participation and Privacy Eric Meyer, OII FIA, Budapest 2011/05/18 View 
SESERV Flyer (v2.0) Michael Boniface, IT Innovation Published Online 2011/05/12 View 
The SESERV Project Michael Boniface, IT Innovation Published Online 2011/04/12 View 
Moral Panics over the Internet Bill Dutton, OII Google EU, Brussels 2011/04/11 View 
Resilient Communities and Digital Jails Mike Surridge, IT Innovation Effectsplus Trustworthy ICT Research Roadmap Cluster Workshop 2011/03/30 View 
Economic and User Perspective of Inter-ISP Traffic Optimization Martin Waldburger, UZH Panel at Future Internet Cluster Meeting, Brussels 2011/02/11 View 
Economic and User Perspective of Inter-ISP Traffic Optimization Burkhard Stiller, UZH Panel at Future Internet Cluster Meeting, Brussels 2011/02/11 View 
SESERV – Socio-economics CSA Interactions with EC D1 Projects Burkhard Stiller, UZH Future Networks 7th FP7 Concertation Meeting, Brussels 2011/02/10 View 
SESERV Flyer (v1.0) Burkhard Stiller, Martin Waldburger, UZH Published Online 2011/02/08 View 
Internet Tussles Involving Information. George D. Stamoulis, Kostas Kalogiros, AUEB FIA Ghent 2010/12/16 View 
SESERV Introduction and Overview George Stamoulis, AUEB, Fabio Hecht, UZH Concertation and Cluster Meeting, Brussels 2010/10/19-20 View 
SESERV - Socio-Economics Service for European Research Projects Michael Boniface, IT Innovation FIA Valencia, Economics of Information Session 2010/04/15 View 
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