13th GENI Engineering Conference

posted 23 Mar 2012, 01:04 by Patrick Poullie   [ updated 23 Mar 2012, 06:20 ]
SESERV member Didier Bourse attended the 13th GENI Engineering Conference (GEC13) at the University of California, Los Angeles. He successfully initiated a skillful exchange of ideas with respect to the Future Internet with US experts, in particular addressing EC and US activities. Additionally, he was able to present SESERV's work in a poster / demo session to a large number of people and draw interest to multiple European projects (SESERV, UniverSelf, ETICS). By distributing flyers to meeting participants, he ensured an enduring impression and eased the establishment of contact with those projects.
Didier Bourse attended to the 13th GENI Engineering Conference in the context of SESERV's coordination work looking at how Future Internet experimentation platforms in Europe and the USA compare with each other. Readers interested in that matter are recommended to attend this session organized by SESERV at the Future Internet Assembly in Aalborg