FISE-WG Annual Report Published (Sept-10 to Aug-11)

posted 19 Aug 2011, 02:26 by Michael Boniface   [ updated 19 Aug 2011, 03:05 ]
The FISE-WG annual report has now been published. This document provides the Future Internet Socio-Economics community and the European Commission (EC) with information about SESERV’s coordination of socio-economic topics and contributions to the Future Internet Assembly (FIA) during the period September 2010 to August 2011.

SESERV is coordinated a community of researchers and stakeholders in the area of Future Internet Socio-Economics through the FISE Working Group (FISE-WG), the organisation of FIA sessions and participation in the FIA Steering Committee (FIA-SC). The FISE-WG now includes active participants from key European projects with socio-economic dimensions (e.g. SEQUIOA, FI3P, PARADISO2 and UNVERSELF) and a membership of over 120 researchers from diverse domains of expertise. The FIA topics covered during the period include Information as an “Economic Good” (Ghent) and“Economics of Privacy" (Budapest). Session reports have been published on the SESERV web site and submitted to the EC for inclusion in the final FIA reports. Initial plans forthe FIA Poznan have been drafted following the successful acceptance of the FISE-WG session on “Value creation, value flows and liability over virtual resources.” SESERV partners (IT Innovation and Alcatel Lucent) are now established as members of the FIA-SC and have co-authored FIA terms of reference formalising FIA structures and procedures.

Socio-economics remains a key discipline in the Future Internet research domain as technology continues to pervade all aspects of human life. The growth in membershipin 201 not only reflects the importance of the discipline but also the need for coordinated action to bring together such a diverse and distributed European community. The participation of other Challenge 1 Collaboration and Support Actions within the FISE-WG has ensured effective coordination and dissemination across Challenge 1, beyond what SESERV could have achieved alone.

SESERV expects the FISE-WG to continue thrive over the next 12 months through FIA sessions at Poznan, Denmark and Cyprus. The discussion will kick-off in Poznan with an FIA session and the 1st FISE workshop examining how technology disrupts the Future Internet ecosystem. The workshop will not only deliver insight into the ecosystem but will also allow researchers to share the methodology they used. The outcomes will be incorporated into a joint paper written by FISE-WG memebers for distribution to the broader Future Internet community.